DJ D’Lemma

The deejay is always the first to arrive and the last to leave. But for DJ D’Lemma, he always woke up the day after a gig wanting to do it all over again. The good times that he gave to people through music, brought him back every time. Started in the Bay Area as a break dancer, then as a graf artist, D’Lemma moved to Seattle and witnessed Dj’s moving the crowd and rocking parties.  Practicing in his bedroom for a few years and helping other mobile dj crews, Dj D’Lemma (then known as DJ DeeVise in 1989), progressed from a turntable without any pitch control and a Radio Shack mixer to a Gemini and complete sound setup through the money earned from his deejay group Beyond Ultimate Music Productions (BUMP). “My experience from the old school days has really made me a humble Dj. My focus now is to keep the crowd happy and make it fun for everybody. I don’t play for myself. I do challenge myself every gig tho.” Going back to art, D’Lemma became a comic book artist (Colorist) and also payed much attention to his prized 1994 Jeep Wrangler and Lowrider shows throughout most of the 1990’s, his calling came when he least expected it. At the start of the new millennium a friend of D’Lemma’s started up a club night and asked him to come out of retirement. Contemplating the alternative of the inability of his friend deejaying, D’Lemma eventually agreed. “My first night I got into the Dj booth, I looked at the Denon cd players and was overwelmed by technology. Wishing that I could grab my 1200′s, I grabbed a drink instead.” Though he originally used CDs at the night, D’Lemma returned to vinyl and now has progressed to using a combination of vinyl and DVS. With new and old technology combined, D’Lemma can take any club or party to a higher level. Dj D’Lemma can also be heard on the radio. Since late 2004 Dj D’Lemma was hired on to KMIH X104.5fm. Recently the station had to move and now you can hear D’Lemma’s mixes on Seattle’s own Hot Jamz 94.5fm each and every Friday Night from 11pm to midnight. D’Lemma also leads off the Throwback Thursday programming with his mix on Hot Jamz Radio from 12pm to 12:30pm. Having come full circle as a deejay, one thing has never changed. D’Lemma still wants to do it again, even if he is the first to arrive and last to leave.


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