The TW!X M!X with Justin Case

Justin Case

12:00 – 1:00 AM

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Since the mid 90’s, Justin Case has immersed himself in everything radio.  He made his Albuquerque debut at the young age of 14.  Doing what he could with an unbelievably high pitched voice and no experience, Justin worked from weekend shifts and fill in, to now an afternoon jock, mix show coordinator and imaging director, as well as the National Urban Imaging Director and voiceover artist for Benztown Radio Networks. Knowing that this was his passion, Justin received his Master’s certificate in music production & technology from the Berklee School of Music in 2008.  Justin is also highly recognized in the Albuquerque nightlife culture and arguably one of the best DJs in the Southwest.  The TW!X M!X which airs nightly with Justin’s parent station, KDLW – 106-7 OMG Radio/Albuquerque, is now heard on WHCR New York City and KMIH/Seattle.  Justin has acquired critical acclaim through multiple media outlets and has achieved a variety of accomplishments; he has truly become a jack-of-all-trades.