DJ Ros’Coe

Ryan Harris

12:00-1:00 AM

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The love of music has always been a strong part of DJ Ros’coes background. He grew up in Louisiana where music is the heart and soul of the southern state. Although sports were his main focus during his high school and college years he saw a movie in 1992 called Juice that changed his world forever.Juice was the spark that ignited his interest in the DJ world and started gearing his musical hunger towards what DJ Ros’Coe has become today. He is a Multi-talented DJ that is best known for the high energy atmosphere he creates at any of his events. After 8 years of taking the hottest Seattle Night Clubs by storm DJ Ros’Coe is ready for a new adventure. His new challenge in life is to bring his high energy and creative sound to the masses. He spins records with the ultimate goal of bringing the “party-club” atmosphere to the radio. Not only can you listen to him right here on KMIH FM Hot Jamz but he does Corporate Events, Private parties and still is involved in the Seattle night life.